The Centre is approved by both the BHS and AIRE to train students up the BHSII standard.

Brennanstown is also an Exam centre for the BHS, and one of the few in the country which hosts Stage 1V and Intermediate Teaching exams. Exams take place 4 times a year – April, June and September for Stages 1,11, Stage 2 Teach, 111 and Stage 3 Teach, and October for Stage 1V and Intermediate Teaching.


Courses are run in conjunction with the City of Dublin Education Training Board Equestrian Traineeship Scheme with intakes generally taking place in September and May each year.

These are full time courses which combine riding lessons, lectures and demonstrations in horse care with work experience in the yard allowing students to develop their work skills. This combination properly prepares them for a career in the industry.

Brennanstown’s pass rate in these exams is excellent and any student choosing Brennanstown to work towards their BHS exams can be confident of a well structured and professionally run course.

Short term courses are also run which are geared to the student’s individual requirements.